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Join us February 15th, 2014 @ Common House in Bethnal Green for a night of art and anthropology, with Chiara Ambrosio and Jessica Sarah Rinland.



We are excited to be curating a compilation of Vincent Moon’s films for the Quadrangle Film Festival. Inspired by the films of documentary and ethnographic filmmakers, such as Jean Rouch, Maya Deren and Chris Marker, Vincent Moon is inspired by the spaces between folkloric practice, performance and artistic representation. Rather than present Moon’s films in a conventional cinematic context, a collection of his works from the Petites Planetes series will be shown throughout the festival as ‘pop-up installation’. Join us on September 6-8th for a weekend of independent films, talks and camping in Shoreham, Kent. 

Experimental Folklore Event - The Hardy Tree Gallery

Come join us for a night of debate, art and merriment surrounding the topic of our upcoming third issue on Experimental Folklore, which focuses on the connections between new media practices and folkloric interpretation. 

We’ll have a series of talks and film screenings by filmmaker Chiara Ambrosio, artist Ben Tong, and filmmaker Rosalind Fowler, which will hopefully whet your appetite for our forthcoming third issue to be published in the coming months. See you there!

imageImage from Rosalind Fowler’s “Folk in Her Machine”


WHEN: Friday, May 10 at 7:30pm

WHERE: The Hardy Tree Gallery, NW1

Call for Submissions CLOSED

The call for submissions for Issue 3 is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted! We will publish in the spring.

Issue 3: Experimental Folklore focuses on the connection between new media practices and folkloric interpretation. Digital scholarly publishing and new media are becoming a more integral part of mainstream educational practice, which ART/E/FACT has embraced from its inception. For our third issue we would like to invite artists, social scientists, folklorists and educators to submit essays, photos, soundscapes or films of their own that engage and challenge the digital storytelling form and artistic interpretations of folkloric practices. Ideal submissions should employ new media practices to reveal connections between ritual, music, oral history and cultural custom, while exploring the possibilities of scholarship beyond the printed medium.

Any submissions, questions or comments can be sent to

An academic resource and series of events in London, ART/E/FACT is designed to be a forum for artists and anthropologists to use their own mediums to approach the space wherein anthropology and the arts intersect. 

ART/E/FACT has been inspired by artists such as Chris Marker, Les Blank, Maya Deren, Jean Rouch and Robert Gardner – all of whom have challenged the boundaries of an artistic representation of folkloristic themes. Though varied, these artists all share a mutual interest in the process of storytelling and cultural exchange.

Issue 3: Collaboration with Vincent Moon

Experimental Folklore launches our collaboration with filmmaker Vincent Moon. Together we will host a lecture series and film screening, which aims to examine the themes of this third issue and further progress the collaborative dialogue between artists and anthropologists in an open discourse.

JATHILAN from Vincent Moon/Petites Planètes

A PDF of the call for submissions is available here

Any questions or comments should be sent to

The Social Landscape

Issue 2 - The Social Landscape is now online

The second issue of ART/E/FACT features Dr Gareth Doherty (Harvard Graduate School of Design), Dr Chris Barry (University of Melbourne), artist Kenneth A. Balfelt, artist Katrin Bruder, filmmaker Eva la Cour and artist Stefania Strouza.

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Vincent Moon’s latest piece is a visually stunning collaboration with Soundwalk Collective - ‘sonic nomads’ who, along with Moon, traversed the Black Sea from Turkey to Ukraine to illustrate what Soundwalk dubs “a region of the world whose quivering beauty remains cruel and obscure - akin to the ancient Medea.”

Check in for more on Vincent Moon, who will be featured in our upcoming 3rd issue.

Remediating the Social, Nov. 1 - 3 (conference)

This Thursday (Nov. 1) marks the beginning of Remediating the Social, an interdisciplinary conference focused on mediating technologies in the formation of networked communities. The event is a collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art, New Media Scotland and University College Falmouth, and had the organizational support of ART/E/FACT’s Issue 1 contributor, Elizabeth Hodson!

The conference runs from November 1 – 3, 2012 at the Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, UK. If you can’t make it up north, the conference will also be e-cast for remote attendees.

More information here:

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My practice is informed by ways of working in both art and anthropology

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